Scheduled For Release 2019-04-10
Intermediate SunShop 4.0 Release
0000017: [Improvement] Exclude disabled products during the sitemap generation.
0000007: [New Feature] Support for Google Rich Snippets for products
0000006: [New Feature] Would like the ability to schedule when items appear in my SunShop
0000002: [New Feature] Address Standarization Integration
0000003: [Improvement] Add manual state entry in admin area when non US country is selected.
0000024: [Improvement] Update PHPMailer
0000021: [Bug] Rounding error when applying discounts.
0000026: [Improvement] Add group change to bulk user actions
0000025: [Bug] Currency rate update requires API key.
0000023: [Bug] Tab bug when timezone is not set.
0000022: [Bug] Tax application issue when a discount is applied.
0000004: [Bug] Adding Tracking w/ IE 11
0000020: [Bug] Zoom Issue in Evo Responsive w/ 3 Or More Images
0000015: [Bug] Order Product Option SKU lost on order edit
0000016: [Bug] Export Transaction By Date Not Working
0000018: [Bug] Apostrophe in Customer Name while doing a User Search crashes database
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